Sunday, November 13, 2011

End Financial Worries With Ancient Mantra Chant

Dear friend,
I wanted to share this SECRET knowledge with YOU...

For thousands of years, Mystics all over the world have been able to gain control over the illusion of the Material World, thru constant meditation, and ancient chants embedded as codes, these chants are called MANTRAS, and when repeated over and over, in a relaxed state, can bring about incredible and life changing results, the most powerful of this mantras is 'Om Brzee Namaha' (Wealth, Health, Overall Richness). 

So, all you have to do to benefit from this practice is repeat the 'Om Brzee Namaha' chant 108 times, every day, for 20 to 30 years, and become an enlighted master...

But wait, there is an EASIER way...

You can get the 'Om Brzee Namaha' chant by Ascended Masters The Atlantas, this high quality .mp3 features our exclusive Transcending Sound Technology, these relaxing sounds enable your brain to relax, balancing your mind and heart chakras, and taking off the blindfold over your third eye so you can live the life you know are meant to live!

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For only 99 cents you can:

* End financial worries
* Eliminate stress
* Balance your chakras
* Increase your vibrations
* Be one with the universe
* Remember who you really are

Get started TODAY!

Dr. Illuminatu
The Institute of Transcended Consciousness

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