Tuesday, October 7, 2014

This October you will experience... Terrore!

On October 21th, Ancient Order of the Droids they finally release "Terrore!", the original sountrack to the unmade 80's italian slasher movie described as 'a film so scary... a story so horrifying... it was never made!'

Here is the tracklisting and cover artwork from 'Terrore'

01 Vittime del Terrore
02 Gli Occhi del Diavolo
03 Il Maniaco
04 Respiro Finale
05 Improvviso Spavento
06 Nebbia Malvagia
07 Vertiginoso
08 Sola Nel Circo
09 Visioni
10 Il Maniaco Ritorna
11 Demenza
12 Sostare
13 Titoli di Coda

*Update: You can now experience 'Terrore!' on Soundcloud!

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