Friday, July 7, 2017

Music From A Motion Picture

This summer, the Ancient Order of the Droids return with a best of compilation of songs from the films of 80's cult italian master Giancarlo Prezziato. MUSIC FROM A MOTION PICTURE features tracks from classic films like 'Assault on the Bronx', 'Chinatown Brawl', 'Dracula: The College Years' and many more. The gorgeous cover artwork was illustrated by Marvel Comics artist Ariel Medel and frequent Musike Di Diable collaborator José Cobá.

MUSIC FROM A MOTION PICTURE will be available onCD Baby on July 17th, and on iTunes and Spotify on July 28th, 2017.

Check out the artwork below:

Tracklisting for MFAMP:
01 Assault on the Bronx [Main Titles]
02 Machine Gun Kata [From 'Chinatown Brawl']
03 Stakeout [From 'Love Cop']
04 Midnight Munchies  [From 'Dracula: The College Years']
05 Pillow Fight [From 'Cherry On Top']
06 Chinatown Brawl 2: Return to Okinawa [Main Titles]
07 The Name's Steve Viper! [From 'Assault on the Bronx']
08 Strip Poker [From 'Prison Babysitters']
09 Heart Race [Love Theme From 'Dancin' n' Breakin' 2: The Forbidden Moves']
10 One Armed Samurai's Training Montage [From 'Chinatown Brawl 2: Return to Okinawa']
11 Love at First Bite [From 'Dracula: The College Years']
12 Internal Monologue [From 'Future Noir Detective']
13 The Last Android Remembers His Name [From 'Wolves of Steel']

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